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Ten reasons to choose KESWIGS

1. Unrivalled quality —- Hand-selected, 100% real virgin hair is ready for dyeing and styling

2. Natural lace —- HD lace woven with technological precision for a soft, transparent finish that blends naturally with the skin.

3. Ease of use —- Hairstyles can be easily changed in mere minutes.

4. Luxuriant fullness —- With a full range of densities up to 180%, find the perfect expression for you

5. Easy coloring —- Full cuticle hair make bleaching, washing, and dyeing easier than ever

6. Dependable style —- With an average lifespan of over two years, know that your investment will keep you looking your best

7. Damage-free design —- Created to be as gentle as possible and avoid causing harm to your natural hair

8. Full wave —- We offer five different kinds of waves in hundreds of styles and lengths to choose from

9. Dedicated service —- We are committed to serving you the best we can, and ready to engage with your suggestions and inquiries

10. Delivery guarantee —- Three-day shipping within the continental United States

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