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Making customers top priority through a foundation of transparency and sincerity

Authenticity is of the utmost importance- we use only 100% real human hair of the highest quality KESWIGS was founded on the belief that it is our ethical responsibility to ensure that every single strand of the hair we provide meets only the most stringent inspections and is completely traceable.

Brazilian hair is the highest quality human hair available. This perfection is demonstrated by the consistently uniform cuticles, and in the radiant smoothness of the hair, which prevents knots and frizz, thereby maximizing its lifespan. Meticulous care is shown in the crafting of the wigs, which are designed to be worn comfortably and securely with a single-hook system. Created through this painstaking process, the hair remains incredibly soft and lustrous, while maintaining a remarkably comfortable fit.

1. Natural —- Brazilians boast the richest, strongest hair in the world, thanks to their tropical monsoon climate and rich diets. We ensure only the highest quality hair is collected, and are responsible for handling the hair from donation at the source to customers in their homes.

2. #613 —- BHair is washed with an oxidant solution to remove melanin and treated with a gentle solvent to nourish the hair and ensure the outstanding quality of the end product.

3. 50 inches long —- In order to produce each 50-inch bundle of hair, more than 10 years of growth, maintenance, and care are required. The love and nurture over the life of the hair is what lends each donation a unique and inimitable quality.


Environmental protection and sustainability inspire our production Located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, we are committed to providing our employees with a healthy, safe, and inviting place to work. By employing local workers and ensuring that the working conditions they find are modern, clean, and sustainable, we promote a sense of community and family. Our workforce is 90% female and the average age of our employees is 45 years old- demographics that depend on our factory to make a living wage. As a company, we believe that the best workers are people who are happy with their jobs, and we provide 3 meals per day, 7-hour working days with breaks, and weekend holidays as well as health insurance to all of our employees.

From procurement to production

We strive for excellence in every facet of our business- from the source of donation, to the assessment and verification process in selection of the hair, to the hand-woven product created by professional artisans- we maintain strict standards of quality throughout.

Excellence and Experience

Our team of experts, each of whom possesses nearly 30 years of professional experience in the hair industry, first established the Guangzhou factory in 2008 with a small workshop and only 10 employees. Today, thanks to the dedication and success of our team, as well as the community which we are fortunate to be a part of, we have grown to employ more than 200 workers.

About Us & Our Mission

First make yourself beautiful, then make others jealous

When the brand was originally begun in Italy 10 years the goal was to allow every woman to have a “fatal attraction”. Over the years, the pursuit of this goal has taken the company all over the world in search of the perfect hair. Only the highest quality hair is lovingly collected and crafted into a tangible happiness for each and every woman who is adorned by our products. With thousands of styles, colors, textures, and lengths from which to choose, from the most natural to the most unique, the splendor and personal expression of all women is what they make it.


KESWIGS empower you to become the ideal self you wish to express, and help you to identify confidently, with pride and a sense of well-being. Lavish in the luxury of easy elegance and style, knowing heads turn in your direction.


It is our firm belief that a true luxury experience can only come from the highest quality sources. All of the products we provide are created exclusively with natural, authentic Brazilian hair, carefully selected by our team of professionals here at KESWIGS. Know that our incomparable standards of excellence have followed your product from the source to your hands when you feel the result.

Quality that you can see and feel

Our philosophy towards product selection is “Choose only the most luxurious, most resplendent, and enchanting”. With KESWIGS, you create your own ideal image, shaping the life you love to live.