13x4 Vs 13x6 Frontal

13×4 Vs 13×6 Frontal


Lace front wigs are a great way of stepping up your hair game. Besides offering a natural-looking hairline, it can change your hair length, volume, and color. They can be made from actual human hair or synthetic fibers and are available in various colors, textures, and lengths to complement various hair types and styles.


For many years, here at Keswigs, we’ve partnered with different hairstylists and celebrities, offering top-quality wigs, and the most sought-after choices are the various 13×4 and 13×6 frontals. This article will cover their differences to determine which of the two is the better product for you.


Read on if you’re interested in the specifics of 13×4 and 13×6 lace front wigs.


What is a 13×4 frontal?

A 13×4 frontal is a type of lace front wig with a 13-inch by 4-inch lace covering the frontal area. Its lace area reaches down to the temples and is composed of real human hair. The “13×4” refers to the size of the lace, which is 13 inches wide and 4 inches long.


Our 13×4 lace front wig has a 4.5-inch lace area, so you get a bigger free-parting area.


What is a 13×6 frontal?

A 13×6 frontal is a type of lace front wig similar to the 13×4 frontal, except its lace size is 13 inches wide and 6 inches deep. This means the 13×6 lace front wig’s lace area can cover a larger portion of the head than the 13×4 frontal.


What is the difference between 13×4 and 13×6 frontal?


The lace size is the primary distinction between 13×4 and 13×6 frontals. As mentioned earlier, a 13×4 frontal’s lace dimensions are 13 inches wide by 4 inches deep, while a 13×6 frontal is 13 inches wide by 6 inches deep. As a result, the 13×6 frontal will give greater coverage than the 13×4 frontal, which will cover a larger portion of your head.


Which is better, 13×4 or 13×6 frontal?


Choosing between a 13×4 and a 13×6 frontal depends on personal preference and the user’s specific needs.


The amount of lace area covered will depend on the frontal’s size. That said, the 13×6 frontal’s bigger lace size means more parting room, allowing the wearer more freedom to part and style their hair any way they like. Bigger lace sizes also allow for more comfort and breathability in wearing your wig. 


If you’re on a budget, a 13×4 lace front wig may be cheaper than a 13×6 frontal, but you’ll have less styling freedom.


Ultimately, your personal preference and specific needs will determine whether you should get a 13×4 or a 13×6 frontal. If you prefer to have more styling versatility and breathability, opt for a 13×6 lace front wig. But if parting space is not a major concern and you want to save a few bucks, a 13×4 frontal may be a good option.


Pro Tip: When choosing a 13×4 or 13×6 lace frontal, ensure the lace front has a rectangular shape instead of a U-shape. Some wig makers will use U-shaped lace instead of a rectangular one, limiting the wig’s styling versatility. So even if the frontal is 13×6 in size, it will still have less parting space as the U-shaped lace limits it to the middle area.




Here are some frequently asked questions about 13×4 Vs 13×6 Frontal and their quick answers.


Which is better 13×6 or 4×4?


Deciding between a 13×6 wig and a 4×4 wig depends on what you’re looking for in your wig and your preferences. The size of the lace on a lace frontal plays a significant role in achieving a natural-looking hairline and parting.


A larger lace frontal, like the one in a 13×6 lace frontal wig, gives you more flexibility to create different hairstyles. With this size, the entire front half of your head is covered with lace, allowing for various styling options, including the popular 91-part or 28-part styles. On the other hand, a 4×4 wig has a smaller lace frontal area, limiting the options for parting and styling.


When it comes to styling, the 13×6 wig provides more versatility. Additionally, it tends to create a more natural-looking hairline. However, the production of wigs with larger lace frontals like 13×6 can be more labor-intensive and time-consuming, which can result in a higher price point. This video about how we make a lace front wig will give you a great idea about why a wig with large lace size is expensive.


Therefore, your choice should also consider your budget and personal preferences. Ultimately, the best wig for you will depend on your styling needs, budget, and usage habits.


Is a 13×4 a full lace?


No, a 13×4 wig is not a full lace wig. When we talk about a full lace wig, it means that the entire wig cap is made from lace material, offering maximum flexibility in styling. In contrast, a 13×4 wig has a lace frontal of 13×4 inches at the front of the wig, while the rest of the cap is machine-sewn.


A full lace wig allows for more versatile styling because even the back of the wig cap can be parted and styled. With a 13×4 wig, the frontal part is made with lace, providing some styling options at the front, but the back of the wig cap is not lace, limiting the extent of styling possibilities.


So, if you’re looking for a wig that offers a wider range of styling options, a full lace wig would be a better choice because it allows you to part and style the entire wig, including the back of your head.


Here is a detailed article about lace front wig vs full lace wig.


Which lace is best for frontal?


The choice of lace for a frontal largely depends on the goal of enhancing our appearance, with achieving a natural hairline being a crucial aspect. In this regard, HD lace stands out as the best and most premium option. HD lace is exceptional because of its delicate, transparent, and flexible nature. It excels in creating a natural look that seamlessly blends with the skin, making it the go-to choice for achieving the most authentic appearance.


So, if you prioritize a natural and undetectable hairline, HD lace is the best lace option to consider.


Wrapping Up


This article will assist you in making an informed decision if you’re looking for a lace front wig to freshen up your look. Make sure to look for one that matches your needs and your budget. 


If you have any feedback or extra tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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