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    How to Brush a Wig

    In the realm of wig care, washing and brushing your wig constitute crucial steps in maintaining its cleanliness and overall condition.

    No matter you are wearing an HD lace wig, lace front wig, or full lace wig, learning how to brush your wig properly and maintain it will keep it in good shape for a longer time. This article will review the proper way to brush your wig. Let’s start!

    How to Brush a Wig

    Gentleness is the key to brushing a wig. Too much force can tear hair strands out of wigs since they are considerably more sensitive than your real hair. Be patient and take your time for the best outcome! 

    Follow these steps to brush your wig often and adequately to maintain its appearance and keep it appearing brand-new.

    Never Brush a Wig When Wet

    When your hair is wet, it is weakest, which means it is most vulnerable to damage. Thus, brushing your wet wig can actually permanently stretch and damage it. Make sure your wig is completely dry before brushing to prevent this.

    Untangle the Hair

    Start by using your fingers to carefully detangle any knots or tangles in the wig to make brushing it later on easier.

    Brush the Wig

    After detangling any possible knots, carefully brush the wig from the bottom upwards using a wig brush or a wide-tooth comb. Avoid brushing the wig from the roots to the ends since this might damage or tangle the hair more.

    Make Sure it is Secure

    Ensure the wig is secure while brushing it to keep it from falling off your head. You can also use a wig mannequin or stand to make brushing easier.

    Be Careful When Brushing

    Be gentle and avoid pulling or twisting on the hair. Instead, take your time and remember to apply a soft touch to remove all the tangles and knots completely.

    Spray the Hair

    If the wig is very tangled or knotted, apply a detangling spray or conditioner to make it easier to brush through.

    Style Your Wig

    Once you are done brushing, you can style your wig in any way you like. Read this article for useful tips to style your wig.

    How to Maintain a Wig

    Learning how to brush your wig properly is important, but you should also be aware of other ways to maintain it. Proper maintenance is essential to keep your wig looking its best and prolong its lifespan. By carefully following these tips, you can maintain your wig and keep it looking fantastic for a long time.

    Regular Wig Washing

    If you use your wig frequently, wash it after every six to eight wears. Use shampoo and conditioner made specifically for synthetic hair or human hair wigs.

    Proper Wig Storing

    To keep the wig’s shape and form when not in use, store it in its original box, a silk bag, or a plastic container, or put it on a mannequin head or wig stand. Avoid keeping the wig in a humid atmosphere or where the wig is subjected to direct sunlight.

    Avoid Excessive Heat

    Using heat-styling equipment like flat irons or curling irons on the wig, use a heat-protectant spray to keep the heat relatively low. This only applies to human hair wigs. Never use heat on synthetic wigs, which could melt off its fibers.

    Careful Drying

    Avoid excessive towel rubbing when drying the wig after washing. For best results, gently pat the wig with a microfiber towel to absorb any excess moisture, then leave it to air dry.

    Do Not Sleep with a Wig On 

    Before bed, remove the wig to prevent tangling and damage. If you must sleep with the wig on, wrap a silk scarf or a silk hair cap over your head, and sleep with silk or satin pillows.

    Avoid Harsh Chemicals

    Hairspray and other styling products may contain harsh chemicals. Make sure to meticulously check them if they contain harmful substances, as they may harm the wig.

    Use Quality Hair Products

    High-quality hair products, like wig shampoos and mild conditioners, can keep your wig healthy and looking great. Avoid using regular shampoo, as its sulfates will dry off your wig.

    How Often Should You Brush Your Wig

    How often you brush your wig will vary on several factors, including how frequently you wear it and how tangled it gets. 

    In general, brushing your wig every day will help avoid tangles and keep it in shape. But if you wear a wig daily, it is ideal to brush twice a day, especially if you’re active or spend a lot of time in windy or humid conditions.

    In contrast, if you occasionally wear a wig, you might only need to brush it once a week or every few days.

    If provided, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for wig maintenance. If you want to know how to maintain a custom-made wig properly, seek advice from a professional wig stylist.


    Here are some frequently asked questions relating to brushing a wig and their quick answers:

    Can you brush a wig with a normal hair brush?

    No, avoid using a normal hairbrush on a wig. Wigs are more delicate than natural hair, so they require something gentler. Using a regular wig brush may destroy the wig’s fiber or shape.

    Wig brushes are usually smaller and softer because they come with looped nylon bristles so that they won’t destroy the lace or hair base. The shape of wig brushes is generally curved or contoured, so it’s easier to style the wigs.

    What are the best brush for wigs?

    A wide-toothed comb or a brush with looped nylon bristles will work great for wigs. You may also want to keep soft, rounded teeth brushes. With these three types of brushes, you can detangle and style your hair effortlessly.

    Wrapping Up

    Aftercare is critical. Now that you know how to properly maintain and brush a wig, remember to always be gentle and take your time when caring for your wig to get the best results. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, and our team we’ll get back to you a while after.

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