lace front wigs vs regular wigs

Lace Front Vs. Regular Wigs


Whether you’re an occasional wig wearer or new to wigs, you might find it hard to determine which wig best suits your needs.


Over the years, Keswigs has been committed to creating high-quality and reasonably priced lace front wigs for our customers. Even though they may be more expensive and challenging to make compared to regular wigs, it’s because they appear more natural, resembling real hair, and offer more styling versatility. In this article, we will discuss these differences in detail.


Interested? Read on to learn more about the difference between lace front and regular wigs to help you decide which wig type best suits you. 


Difference Between Lace Front Wig and Regular Wig


Before we compare the two, let me first define what a lace front wig and a regular wig are. 


Lace Front Wigs

A lace front wig is an innovation in the field of hair styling. While its cap structure is the same as regular wigs, what makes it different is the lace at the front of the cap. Thin strands of hair are attached to the lace to resemble baby hairs. This added detail makes the wig look more realistic, unlike regular wigs. Here are other advantages to lace front wigs. 


Benefits of a Lace Front Wig


  1. 1、It gives a more natural look

As mentioned, you’ll get a more natural-looking hairline compared to regular wigs due to the tiny hair strands attached to the lace. The lace also blends perfectly with your scalp, making your wig look as natural as possible.


  1. 2、More breathable


Since lace front wigs have lighter cap construction than other kinds of wigs, you’ll feel more comfortable wearing them even for long periods. Its thin lace feature also allows air to circulate better while you’re wearing it. 


  1. 3、Versatile styling


A regular wig usually comes with fringes and bangs to hide the hairline, which makes it limited for hair styling. Since lace front wigs provide more natural-looking hairlines, they offer more styling options, without the need for unnecessary bangs! 


The downside of a lace front wig


  1. 1、More expensive than regular wigs


Lace front wigs come at a more expensive price than regular wigs due to their more premium features. 


Regular Wig


Regular wigs are purchased more commonly than lace front wigs as they are cheaper and easier to wear. They also come in a wide range of hairstyles so you don’t have to go through the hassle of styling your wig. You just have to choose your preferred style, put it on your head, and you’re good to go. 


Benefits of a regular wig


  1. 1、Best for bangs and fringe style 


Regular wigs are better when it comes to hairstyles with bangs and side fringes as the hairline can be hidden with these styles. They also make your hair look voluminous due to them having more strands.


  1. 2、Cheaper than lace front wigs


If you’re on a budget, opting for regular wigs is a good choice. In fact, most people purchase regular wigs due to their affordability. You can even choose from a wide range of fixed hairstyles. With its affordable price, you can grab a variety of wigs to show off on different occasions. 


  1. 3、Fuller and thicker hair appearance


Since regular wigs usually come in fringed hairstyles, they will give your hair a thicker appearance than lace front wigs. This is because most regular wigs conceal the scalp and the hairline with more strands. 


The downside of a regular wig


  1. 1、Limited hair styling

Compared to lace front wigs, regular wigs come in fixed hairstyles so you have limited opportunity to style them. 


Which is Better? 


Both lace front and regular wigs have their advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the best wig for you depends on your preference and budget. For those on a tight budget, buying a regular wig is the more practical thing to do. Regular wigs are also the best choice if you prefer to have full, thick, and voluminous hair. 


On the other hand, lace front wigs are the best option for people seeking a good quality wig that offers high-quality features. Although this kind of wig appears less voluminous, it provides a more realistic look. So, minimalists who prefer a simpler wig style will benefit more from getting a lace front wig. 


Lace front wigs are also a great option for people who love to style their hair. As mentioned earlier, you can manage and style lace front wigs like normal hair.


Factors to Consider in Choosing a Wig


To help you choose the right wig, here are some factors you should consider before buying one: 


Hair type


Wigs can be made of either synthetic or real human hair, although lace front wigs are usually made of real human hair. 


If you want a cheap wig, then go for the synthetic option. Synthetic hair usually lasts for about 6 months or longer. However, if you want a heavy-duty wig that lasts longer than that, then it’s best to invest in a wig made of real human hair. These usually last up to 12 months or longer with proper care. 




A wig’s hair length can be short, medium, or long. A short-length wig usually ends just above your shoulders. Medium length falls around your shoulders, while a long length ends at your mid-back or lower.


Choosing a hair length depends on your preference and personality, you just have to figure out what length you are most comfortable with before making your decision. 


Color and style


Like hair length, choosing the best color and hairstyle depends on how you want to see yourself. Just look for something that makes you feel confident when you wear it. When in doubt, you can always ask a trusted friend to help you decide which style or color suits you best. 


Cap size


Before going to the nearest wig shop, you must first know your cap size. Although most wig manufacturers provide “one size fits all” wigs, they don’t really fit everyone. So, to know your size, simply measure the circumference of your head using a tape measure. That way, you have a better understanding of which brands and products to choose from. 




Your budget is also a vital factor in choosing wigs. People who are on a budget will do better to purchase regular wigs over lace front wigs. You just have to be sure to choose a style that suits you best since regular wigs are not as manageable as lace front wigs. 


On the other hand, if you have enough budget for a premium wig, then a lace front will surely satisfy your needs. 


Wrapping Up


Choosing the right wig can be very confusing, especially for newbies, but with the right information from a bit of research, making a decision will be a lot easier.


Lace front and regular wigs both have their pros and cons, so choosing between the two will boil down to your preference and needs. I hope that this article helped give you the information you needed to make your own informed purchase.