At Keswigs, we aim to make the best human hair wigs in the world and to make high-quality hairpieces we can proudly sell and recommend to our beloved ones.
After working over 20 years in the field, we’ve noticed some stuff in our industry that we wouldn’t be proud to ship or recommend to our friends. We want to sell our products at the lowest price, just we can’t sell hairpieces that we won’t be proud to ship.
We are here to provide you with the best human hair wigs in the industry, not lousy, misleading, low-quality hairs, and we believe that many wig users want that too.
If you go and price out other hair vendors’ products, consider the quality and details of the wigs, and you will find that our products are not premium priced.
Our Value
Your good hair days shouldn't hurt the planetl Our sustainable practices don't just stop at our super cute recyclable packaging. We're always looking for ways to dlecrease our environmental impact through material sourcing, manufacturing, and partnering with ecoconscious organizations that are leading the way.
Human Rights
We believe all people should be entitled to live with liberty, security, self-respect, and freedom of speech.
Social and Economic Justice
We believe that everyone should be treated with equity and fair opportunities.
Environmental Protection and Restoration
We believe our beautiful mother nature should be protected and restored.
Our Mission
We build awareness and support for the social & environmental issues that we feel strongly about.
Kes is dedicated to producing the hightest quality wigs
Keswigs is dedicated to producing the highest quality wigs while maintaining our equal rights and sustainable living practices. . We extend these commitments to you, our valued customers.
You Mean Everything
First, we source and make the most beautiful, finest-quality hairs that make you look younger, more beautiful and feel at your best. Second, we will always be there to listen to your thoughts, answer your questions, and solve your problems.
The Planet Needs Us
We can save the planet and still produce stunning hair. Here at Keswigs, we make all efforts to go green. We source all eco-friendly materials and packaging and produce green energy to run our factory.
About Us
When is a human hair wig more than a human hair wig? When it’s a wig by Keswigs.
Keswigs is where a moral entrepreneur and hair expert combine. With every beautiful wig we make and every hairpiece you buy, together, we are making the world a better place.
We have built our business based on these core values: human rights, social and economic justice and environmental protection and restoration. We will change the world with our human hair wigs.
We are Here to Help - We ensure fair wages and respect the rights of all our employees at every stage of production. Thanks
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