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    Everything About Body Wave Wig

    Body wave hair is a highly sought-after hairstyle, typically characterized by hair that forms an S-like shape with loose curls throughout.

    A well-executed body wave hairstyle exudes classic beauty, appearing natural, full, and sexy. Among various curly hairstyles, body wave styles closely resemble straight hair, with its S-shape being the largest and most open.

    Keswigs is a wig maker that has created many high-quality wigs. Over the years, we’ve worked with fantastic hairstylists and celebrities, introducing numerous top-notch wigs. Body wave hair wigs are one of our signature products.

    A high quality body wave wigs are usually made with HD lace and virgin hair, remy hair will do the job as well but just can last shorter time. A good body wave wig can easily switch between different styles, like temporarily turning into deep curls, deep waves, or being straightened – all of which are simple to achieve.

    How long does body wave hair last?

    With proper care, based on our experience, the S-like curl shape in most of our body wave wigs can last for at least 15 washes. But if the curls are lost, you can easily restore the hair using different heatless or heat styling methods.

    How to Maintain Body Wave Wig?

    Here are some useful tips for maintaining body wave hair.

    Get your hair installed and removed by a professional unless you’re very experienced.
    When sleeping with your body wave wig, be sure to wrap it with a silk scarf.

    If you buy a body wave wig, compared to a straight hair wig, you’ll need more effort to maintain it. This is because the hair cuticles on body wave hair point in different directions, making it more prone to friction and causing some hair cuticles to fall off. So you want to make sure of every wash to restore your wig.

    How to Wash Body Wave Wig

    Keeping your wig clean is essential to extend it’s lifespan. When you wash your body wave wig, try to avoid brushing your wigs with a regular hair brush or comb. We recommend using deep moisturizing products after washing your body wave hair wigs, such as deep conditioner and hair mask.

    Avoid brushing your wig when it’s wet! Make use of brushes or combs designed for wigs. However, at times, you may choose to gently brush it with your fingers as it’s more gentle.

    How to Style Body Wave Wig

    Apply a layer of hair oil on the hair before heat styling your body wave wig (or all sort of curly hair wig.). However, be sure not to apply too much as the least thing you want is an oil and collapsed hairstyle.

    Typically, our in-house hairstylists will apply about 5 drops of hair oil or a small amount of leave-in conditioner in the palm, rub a bit to warm up the oil, then apply it to the hair. If you’re applying hair oil to your body wave wig, be careful to avoid the lace area, leaving about 1-2 cm of space.

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