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How Long Does a Wig Install Last

A wig is a big investment, costing a hefty amount for its production and maintenance. Not to mention the long process of deciding which wig to choose among the variety of colors, styles, and textures available on the market 

If you’re a regular wearer, the question 'how long does a wig install last' might have crossed your mind at some point. This is something smart shoppers and wig-wearing newbies should pause to consider, especially if you want to go the extra mile and install your wig professionally.

As a frequent wig-wearer and hair enthusiast, I will discuss this topic and also talk about other frequently related queries on the subject.

If you wish to learn more, keep reading!

How long does a wig install last?

Properly installing a wig is crucial to keep the hairline looking as natural as possible. It also determines how long you can keep on a hair system before you need to install it again.

So, how long does it last?

The long answer is that it depends on many different aspects, like what type of adhesive was used, how much your scalp sweats, and how well you installed the wig. It also depends on the wig’s material, as the quality directly affects its longevity. Here are some other factors that affect how long a wig install lasts:

Human Hair

For human hair wigs, most consumers are in the market for virgin hair, and there are many options to choose from, such as Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, and Malaysian. Each of them has different textures to match your own hair better. You may even be able to purchase Remy hair.

With wigs, the higher the production quality and material, the longer it lasts. This, in turn, lets you keep the hair installed longer.

If properly maintained, human hair can last up to a year. The lace material incorporated in wigs also affects its longevity since the lace can be cleaned up and therefore reused. When used with a good adhesive, your wig’s install can last up to a month at least.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair lasts only a fraction of the longevity of human hair. This is because it is made up of synthetic fibers and has gone through several chemical treatments already, making the fibers tangle and shed easily.

Since the overall quality isn’t high, you can only expect to get a few weeks of use before it becomes matted and unwearable, and needs to be replaced.

The lace that holds human hair wigs doesn’t have the same effect as synthetic ones since they don’t usually come with the best quality either. Renewed installs with the same synthetic wig take away a chunk of its lasting length.

Wig Adhesive

How long the wig install lasts largely depends on how securely it is held down. Obviously, the ones that you can regularly put on and take off won’t be as secure as the ones that are glued down. That said, adhesives keep your wig on for days at a time.

There are diverse options for adhesives. Some can only be used for a short time, while others are designed to keep a wig glued on for months, though this does not make it viable to use for that long.

Six weeks is the maximum length of time to keep a wig installed. Once that time is up, you must take the wig off to let your head and natural hair breathe. Giving the wig post-wear attention ensures that you keep your own hair clean and healthy, prolonging the life of your wig.


When using adhesives, you have to remember that most are not waterproof. This means that every time you sweat heavily, the lifespan of your wig install decreases, so be careful.

If you are a wig-wearer who actively sweats, I urge you to use a waterproof adhesive to match your lifestyle.

Wig Installation

It's a no-brainer that skill plays a huge part in the longevity of a wig install. To make things easier, you can get your wig professionally installed. This method is guaranteed to fully secure your wig and is highly recommended for first-time wearers. 

Choose a reliable stylist in your area through careful research. However, if you're unwilling to shell out extra cash for this service, you can definitely install a wig by yourself. 

There are multiple articles and video guides on the internet for your perusal. Remember that the first time you install a wig, it may not last very long. Expertise isn’t something that you gain overnight, but with practice, the quality of the install increases.

What Happens When You Wear a Wig For Too Long?

Much like everything else we wear, hygiene plays a huge part in how long we can preserve an object’s use. If you don’t wash your wigs, especially after wearing them daily, they will develop a bad odor and will be prone to tangles and breakage.

You also risk leaving your natural hair unkempt. As it grows underneath the wig, it will mat from the buildup of oil and sweat, making it increasingly uncomfortable and unhygienic. And the longer you keep it under, the worse it gets. 

To keep your natural hair healthy, it needs proper care and attention. This means cleaning, conditioning, combing, and moisturizing it regularly.

Is it Possible to Sleep With an Installed Wig?

Yes, it is possible to sleep with an installed wig. It is generally not recommended, but with a few precautions, your install should be fine.

Ensure your hair is wrapped in a silk scarf or a bonnet to keep it tucked away. This lessens the possibility of it snagging and realigning in your sleep. You can go a step further by sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase for protection.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Well Between Installs

Here are some more tips to maintain your install and keep your hair on for longer.

Brush and Comb with Care

Make sure to hold down the lace whenever you brush or comb the hair. This lessens the strain on the glue holding your wig down as you comb.

Minimal Moisture

If you’re not using waterproof adhesives, then moisture is your enemy. A few ways to deal with this is to keep a shower cap on when showering and avoid heavy workouts with a wig as much as possible.

Proper Styling

Use rollers on wet wig hair. It is best to avoid heated styling procedures like a straightener or a curling iron, especially near the roots. But if you must, put them on the lowest setting and apply heat protection products on your wig.

Practice Gentle Removal Methods

Never rush when removing your install. Make sure to use designated glue removers, especially for lace front wigs. Then, wait for it to soften the adhesive before slowly taking it off. Remove excess glue after the extraction.

Careful Storage

When you’re not wearing your wig, store it properly by keeping it away from heat, dampness, and direct sunlight. Use a wig stand or wig box to keep it from getting misshapen or damaged during travel.

Wrapping Up

As with anything, a wig’s lifespan and utility depend on the proper care procedures invested in it. Wig installation requires a patient hand and an even more careful one to maintain. The most time a wig install lasts is six weeks before needing a reinstallation.

If you found this helpful and have suggestions or inquiries to make, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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